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Ir. Budi Karya Sumadi, Indonesia's Minister of Transportation, signs Prasasti to inaugurate the Nirup Island Special Tourism Port.

The Nirup Island Ferry Terminal and Marina has officially opened

The long-awaited Nirup Island Ferry Terminal and Marina is finally open for business! This exciting development marks a major milestone in the tourism industry of the Province of Riau Islands. The inauguration ceremony, officiated by the Minister of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia, Budi Karya Sumadi, took place on Saturday (8/7), accompanied by a sense of anticipation and celebration.

A Gateway to Nirup Island

The Special Tourism Terminal of PT Tritunas Sinar Benua & One°15 Marina serves as the main entry point to Nirup Island. This terminal provides convenient access to the island through two ports: the Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal in Batam and the Harbourfront Ferry Terminal in Singapore. After construction is finished, Horizon Ferry will be the designated ferry company to run both routes.  The Nirup Ferry Terminal aims to make it easier for foreign tourists to arrive by taking advantage of its advantageous location and ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

Unmatched Facilities and Services

Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of Nirup Island Batam’s beach club.

The Nirup Island Ferry Terminal has deployed a team of Customs, Immigration, Quarantine, and Port Authority personnel (CIQP) to ensure a hassle-free entry process for visitors. Jimmi Ho, Commissioner of PT Tritunas Sinar Benua, expressed the significance of the Nirup Port as a vital gateway during his speech at the inauguration ceremony. Both entry points to Nirup Island have been meticulously prepared to provide an exceptional experience for tourists. Jimmi also revealed plans to offer enticing holiday packages to enhance visitors’ stay.

A Haven for Vessels at the Nirup Island Marina

The management of the Nirup Island Marina has been entrusted to ONE°15 Marina, a renowned company recognized for its expertise in operating marinas worldwide. This marina is set to accommodate approximately 44 cruise ships or yachts, providing a safe and secure haven for vessel owners. With state-of-the-art facilities such as a CIQP office, restaurants, a Sea Sports Center, and round-the-clock CCTV surveillance, the Nirup Island Marina promises to deliver the utmost comfort and security.

Luxurious Accommodations and Breathtaking Views

In collaboration with Westin, a prestigious hotel brand, we are thrilled to introduce luxurious hotel and villa facilities on Nirup Island. Westin Hotel and Resorts will manage the 5-star accommodations on the island, setting new standards for hospitality in the Province of Riau Islands. Visitors can look forward to 96 hotel rooms and 38 luxury villas, meticulously designed to provide unparalleled comfort and relaxation. Additionally, the Sunset Bar, featuring an infinity pool, offers a mesmerizing vantage point to behold the natural beauty of the surrounding islands and the awe-inspiring skyline of Singapore. The designs, blending local cultural heritage with 5-star luxury, create a truly captivating ambiance.

Fostering Community Involvement and Economic Sustainability

At Nirup Island, we strongly believe in community involvement and long-term growth. Throughout the project, we have actively engaged with neighboring communities, creating job opportunities and fostering partnerships with local businesses. Our commitment is to leverage the potential of the local area, promoting long-term prosperity and economic sustainability for the community.

To showcase the authentic Malay culture of the Riau Islands, we organized a cultural tour of Belakang Padang Island, inviting guests from Singapore to participate. This tour not only promotes cultural awareness but also generates significant economic benefits for the local community. By combining cultural immersion with authentic tourism experiences, we strive to highlight the rich cultural heritage of Belakang Padang Island.

Join Us in Celebrating the Grand Opening

We extend a warm invitation to everyone to join us in celebrating the grand opening of the Nirup Island Ferry Terminal and Marina. Come and experience the beauty of Nirup Island firsthand, indulge in luxurious amenities, and explore its breathtaking natural wonders. Let us unite in building a bright future for tourism in the Province of Riau Islands.

With the Nirup Island Ferry Terminal and Marina now open, a new era of tourism begins, promising unforgettable experiences for visitors and a positive impact on the local community. Book your trip today and embark on a journey to discover the wonders of Nirup Island!

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